Microsoft Can Search Your Email Without A Court Order

Microsoft Can Search Your Email Without A Court OrderMicrosoft Can Search Your Email Without A Court Order. Microsoft employee who was arrested this week and charged with leaking the information about Windows 8 to the blogger, before the software was released in 2012. As part of its investigation, Microsoft accessed the blogger’s Hotmail account without a court order. Bellow Microsoft explanation:

“During an investigation of an employee we discovered evidence that the employee was providing stolen IP, including code relating to our activation process, to a third party. In order to protect our customers and the security and integrity of our products, we conducted an investigation over many months with law enforcement agencies in multiple countries. This included the issuance of a court order for the search of a home relating to evidence of the criminal acts involved. The investigation repeatedly identified clear evidence that the party involved intended to sell Microsoft IP and had done so in the past.

As part of the investigation, we took the step of a limited review of this third party’s Microsoft operated accounts. While Microsoft’s terms of service make clear our permission for this type of review, this happens only in the most exceptional circumstances. We apply a rigorous process before reviewing such content. In this case, there was a thorough review by a legal team separate from the investigating team and strong evidence of a criminal act that met a standard comparable to that required to obtain a legal order to search other sites. In fact, as noted above, such a court order was issued in other aspects of the investigation. “

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